That’s a catchy diagnosis, you could dance to that.

My MRI was “negative”? Now what? Good news, your doctor is a bit closer to a diagnosis!

Sincerely, Amy Gabrielle.

The term relevant negative may seem like an odd phrase for a typically patient getting a scan. For a person not trained in radiology, they would be confused. Negative means that nothing was found, so why would that be relevant? A relevant negative can actually play a major role in deciphering an image. There are many cases that the negatives are irrelevant, but the few cases that it is a relevant negative, it is important to understand why. As a patient going through the diagnosis process can seem scary, but the doctors know what they are doing.

A negative in a radiology scan is the absence of a specific finding. When you are getting a scan of your heart and the doctors are looking for a specific problem that particular one is not found in the scans. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem in your heart, just not the specific…

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