The corpse is a silent witness who never lies.

As a forensic nurse myself, thank you for reminding others that forensics is not all “CSI”! Well written, excellent information!

Sincerely, Amy Gabrielle.

When the average person hears the word “forensics” the first thought to pop into their head is “CSI”. The word forensics alone simply means to use scientific methods and techniques to investigate a crime. This doesn’t specify what type of crime or what kind of scientific methods are being used. Forensics can even include radiology. It is not just detectives finding a murderer.

Forensics radiography is used most commonly to determine cause of death or injury. The use of a CT scan is used to identify a person’s remains at a local medical examiner office. Forensics radiography is very helpful for mass casualty incidents. Radiologic evidence can be used in both civil and criminal court cases. The evidence can be investigated to determine fraud or assault.

For radiologic evidence to be used in the court of law, it needs to be very high quality. The radiologist must examine the scans…

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