Pedophiles are EVERYWHERE. Hands raise high up

I was molested as a child, and just recently told my parents. My children, at the ages of 14 and 17 were waitresses at the local “diner” for several years. Each of them were approached by grown men, more than once, by more than one man, and spoken to inappropriately with an offer to go back to their homes. I am so proud that they knew to tell me. Last night we ate at the diner, and one of these men were there trying to get a job under the new owners of the diner. I pulled the owner aside and told her he was a pedophile. This man I will confront. The other two men were confronted by my children, who gave them more than a piece of their mind. TALK TO YOU KIDS ABOUT WHAT IS APPROPRIATE AND WHAT ISN’T APPROPRIATE INTERACTION WITH ADULTS. There are child predators EVERYWHERE. As a sexual assault nurse examiner, I see it first hand. Make sure your children have someone “safe” to talk to, even if it isn’t you. My aunt was my safe person, but it was her husband who was the molester. Teach you kids to be LOUD. The is SO WRONG and so PERVASIVE in our society. OK, rant over.


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