7 Facts Every Judge and Attorney Should Know When Domestic Violence Involves Strangulation

The following is a guest blog post by Hon. Alan Pendleton, Tenth Judicial District Court Judge in Anoka, Minnesota and Gael B. Strack, JD, CEO and Co-Founder of the Family Justice Center Alliance i…

Source: blog.ceb.com

A MUST READ: Strangulation is a serious crime, with potentially devastating effects on the victim. Having a forensic expert on your side is often a necessity, as this article states. As a forensic nurse myself, remind those that have undergone (and survived) this type of assault to have serial photos taken by the police following the attack….bruises show up and change as time goes on. For a complete consult, please contact Lifeline LNC at 509.684.6110. Please share: get the word out.

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