Post Mortem – Who Are You Calling A Death Investigator?

We’ve had a terrific response to the Post Mortem series since the broadcast, and not all of these have come through the usual comments channel on our website. This letter below arrived in correspondent Lowell Bergman’s email box a couple of days ago, and we have the sender’s permission to publish.”


If you are able, take the time to watch PBS’s “Post Mortem”; Death Investigation in America. This article entitled, “Who are You Calling a Death Investigator” discusses the different types of people called “death investigators”, and their responsibilities. As a deputy coroner in NE Washington State, I found this article particularly touching, as it discusses the importance of the death investigator role.

Per Paul Parker, the chief investigator at the Maricopa County ME’s office in Phoenix, “There is no greater honor than writing this final chapter, and I am proud to say that I and my fellow medicolegal death investigators across the country do a wonderful job doing so, no matter whether we work in a medical examiner system or coroner system.”


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