Animated Deceleration Injury from a Traumatic Brain Injury

Learn more about what happens to the brain in a car crash.


Yes, the brain acts like a big bowl of jello…the violent affects of deceleration can cause not only the brain to bleed, but axonal damage, which is not evident on MRI or CT. Shearing forces occur during the coup-contrecoup phase of the accident, when the brain first slams against the front of the skull and again when it hits the opposing side, the back of the skull (these are the most common locations of injury during a motor vehicle crash). So how do you know if you’ve suffered this injury? It depends on the parts of the brain that were damaged. Note any changes, especially in behavior that you or your family note. Contact your physician for ANYTHING out of the ordinary after this type of injury, which can also occur in any type of blow to the head. 


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