For Many Of Us, Brain Injury Awareness Month Is A Daily Reminder

Much to do has been made about March being Brain Injury Awareness Month.That’s a good thing. But for most people, as the days get longer and March fades to April, their focus turns to taxes, sprucing up the lawn, and spring cleaning. They never really consider brain injuries again till next year.Many of us don’t have that luxury.Everyday is Brain Injury Awareness DayMy brain injury history began in 1970 as an 11 year old on the first Pee Wee Pop Warner team Stockton, CA ever fielded. With 30 knu


Last October, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Visger at the AANLCP conference in Atlanta, GA; he defies inspiration. As a brain injury survivor myself, we had a chance to speak privately, and laugh together at our shared struggles. Brain injuries NEVER go away; patients never get a “day off”. However, some injuries can improve, and some function can return. Yes, March is Brain Awareness Month, however it is a topic that should remain on everyone’s mind, every day. 


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