Are Medical Error Statistics Accurate?

Cardiologist Anish Koka explores the woeful lack of science behind some oft-quoted medical error statistics. 

Sourced through from:

“The tone is set from the beginning by none other than Bernie Sanders [Subcommittee chairman on Primary Health and Aging]. In somber tones, he relays that hospitals can make patients worse, and that a recent study suggests medical errors is America’s third leading cause of death behind only heart disease and cancer. Hospitals are killing patients, and something needs to be done about it. The panelists then go on to speak strongly about the ongoing epidemic of patients dying in hospitals, and re-enforce the staggering numbers introduced by Bernie Sanders.” 

Beware of statistics that are supported by (very) small trials; the error rates reported are unjustly high based on 4 reports that range from a single week to a single month of patient care…this is simply too small of a data pool to extract such damning information basically criminalizing physicians and the care they give. Thankfully, the CDC has now been given the task of accurately reporting these statistics. I look forward to hearing the truth.


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