No one is good at everything, and no one has unlimited time. As much as you may be in command of your legal practice, many medically-related cases require the advanced eye and translation of a medical professional: this is where we come in.

Lifeline LNC offers a plethora of services, including merit screens, review and analysis of medical records (both written and electronic) as well as various written reports backed by reputable, scholarly medical research. Assistance with interrogatories and depositions, location of expert witnesses and the development of demonstrative evidence are also well within our bounds of expertise. Our clients generally consist of attorneys (both plaintiff and defense) with the initial goal of deciding whether or not their case has merit by identifying causation and breaches in the standard of care.

A Life Care Plan is a tool used for estimating the medical and non-medical needs of someone with a catastrophic injury or illness. These may include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, burns and amputations, as well as neonatal and pediatric injuries/illnesses. By using a skilled Registered Nurse to develop this plan, both the patient and the attorney receive the most holistic, all-encompassing and most importantly, an educated plan. This plan is a tool for projecting the goods and services over the estimated life span of the patient. Finally, after the plan is completed, it is turned over to an economist to ensure that inflationary trends are considered. Besides creating Life Care Plans for the plaintiffs, we are skilled at critiquing the plans of the defense, as well. We also offer a Medicare Set-Aside analysis to our Life Care Plans.

Allow me to save your valuable time by assisting your practice with any medically related case that involves injury or illness.

Contact us at 509-684-6110.


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